Elected Officials


Hon. Rob Bonta

Assemblymember, California State Assembly, District 18 (Oakland, San Leandro, Alameda)

“I am proud to endorse Pam Harris for Oakland City Council, District 4. I've seen first-hand how Pam advocates as an elected delegate within the California Democratic Party for a progressive vision for our state. I've worked with Pam as a constituent on a number of issues ranging from ensuring our immigrant communities have the legal resources and knowledge needed to feel safe and secure, to legislating common sense criminal justice reforms. As a mother and a wife, Pam is very active with her family at community events and organizing within her children's school. Pam will build bridges to truly make an Oakland for all of us.”

Pam is an impressive political activist, documentary filmmaker and nonprofit financial consultant. She exudes warmth and wisdom. She currently serves as a delegate to the California Democratic Party and has devoted her career to issues I care about, such as youth development, violence prevention, health care reform, LGBTQ rights, racial and socioeconomic inclusion, and—yes—fiscal management.”
— Hon. Libby Schaaf, Mayor of Oakland (1st place vote)
Annie Campbell Washington.jpg

Hon. Annie Campbell Washington

Councilor, Oakland City Council, District 4 (sole endorsement)

“Over these past few months, as I've gotten to know Pam, I've seen that she's not only a problem-solver, but she also cares deeply about each and every person who makes up our district and our city. Her decades of nonprofit financial management have prepared Pam to look creatively at how we address and fund the solutions to the urgent challenges facing our community. I know that, with Pam as my successor on the City Council, we'll have the opportunity to make an Oakland where all are welcome, supported, and heard.”

Hon. Dave Jones -- California Insurance Commissioner

Hon. Ro Khanna -- U.S. Congressperson, 17th Congressional District (CA)

Hon. Nancy Skinner -- Senator, California State Senate District 9 (quote here)

Hon. Rob Bonta -- Assemblymember, California State Assembly District 18 (quote above)

Hon. Libby Schaaf -- Mayor, City of Oakland (#1) (quote above)

Hon. Annie Campbell Washington -- Councilmember, City of Oakland, District 4 (sole endorsement) (quote above)

Hon. Dan Kalb -- Councilmember, City of Oakland, District 1 (#2)

Hon. John Bauters -- Mayor, City of Emeryville (quote here)

Hon. Amber Childress -- Trustee, Alameda County Board of Education

Hon. Scott Donahue -- Councilmember, City of Emeryville

Hon. Lori Droste -- Councilmember, City of Berkeley (quote here)

Hon. Linda Handey -- Trustee, Peralta Community College

Hon. Kate Harrison --  Councilmember, City of Berkeley

Hon. Andy Kelley -- Commissioner, Alameda County Planning Commission

Hon. Dianne Martinez -- Councilmember, City of Emeryville

Hon. Jim Oddie -- Councilmember, City of Alameda

Hon. Rebecca Saltzman -- President, BART Board of Directors

Hon. Robert Raburn -- Trustee, BART Board of Directors & Boardmember, Dimond Improvement District

Hon. Kriss Worthington -- Councilmember, City of Berkeley

Local Leaders

Pam has a record as a skilled advocate for the residents of District 4 and all of us Oaklanders. Her ability to work collaboratively to find common ground on thorny issues and across divides - while not compromising on her values - is admirable. I know that Pam Harris will work hard to create an Oakland for all of us. I support Pam Harris for District 4.”
— Buffy Wicks, Former Director, California for Hillary / AD 15 Candidate (#2)
I met Pam Harris a few years ago through her wife, author Carolina De Robertis. I was running the Laurel Book Store in District 4’s Laurel neighborhood, and during the course of 13 years, I became intimately familiar with the rich diversity of the district. I was delighted and not surprised when she announced her candidacy for City Council. Pam is a good listener who thinks steps ahead. A mother who wants the best for not only her children but all of Oakland’s children, Pam can see the everyday as well as much larger challenges and opportunities in our city. Her desire to serve comes from wanting Oakland to be the best it can be, and from knowing how to make change happen.”
— Luan Stauss, Owner, Laurel Bookstore
I met Pam when running against her for this seat. In the short time we were together in the race, and in getting to know her better since, I’ve become convinced that Pam Harris will make an excellent Councilmember for our district. Her refusal to play the game of factions or taking sides — and instead serving as an independent voice on behalf of constituents — is what’s needed to restore trust in our local government. Add to that her genuine desire to find commonality, build bridges and solve our problems, Pam has exactly what we need in next Councilmember.”
— Chris Young, former D4 Candidate & General Counsel, GoFundMe

Starhawk -- Author, Feminist, Professor, and Environmentalist

Buffy Wicks -- Former Director, California for Hillary/AD 15 Candidate (#2) (quote above)

Dr. Janet L. Holmgren -- President Emerita, Mills College (quote here)

Kathleen Archambeau -- Author

Jonathan Bair -- Former Chair, City of Oakland Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee

Kathleen Caldwell -- Owner, A Great Good Place for Books

Glen Li -- Owner, Blu Moon Lounge

Jeff Perlstein -- Owner, SoleSpace

Isela and Richard Santana -- Owners, Cafe Santana Roasting Company

Jeff Diamond -- President, Montclair Village Association; Owner, Farmstead Cheeses and Wines

Luan Stauss -- Owner, Laurel Bookstore (quote above)

Chris Young -- former D4 city council candidate and General Counsel, GoFundMe (quote above)

Democratic Party Leaders


Daraka Larimore-Hall

Vice-Chair, California Democratic Party

“Two years ago Pam joined the California Democratic Party as part of the wave of progressive activists energized by the 2016 election and dedicated to making our Party a home for grassroots activists who want to change their communities.

"All over the country, candidates like Pam are challenging the status-quo, bringing new ideas to the table and demanding that social need and human dignity come first in politics.

"I'm excited to support Pam Harris for Oakland City Council because she is the kind of Democrat we need for the future of our Party.”

Daraka Larimore-Hall -- Vice Chair, California Democratic Party (quote above)

Hon. Susie Shannon -- President/Commissioner, City of Los Angeles Health Commission & DNC Member

Hon. Rocky Fernandez -- Regional Director, California Democratic Party

Hon. Kathy Neal -- Corresponding Secretary, Alameda County Democratic Party

Ellie Casson -- California Democratic Party Delegate, Assembly District 18

Brendalynn Goodall -- Past President, Stonewall Democratic Club

Sean Dugar -- California Democratic Party Delegate/Executive Board Member, Assembly District 18

Mike Katz-Lacabe -- San Leandro School Board Trustee (retired)/California Democratic Party Delegate, Assembly District 18

Carter Lavin -- California Democratic Party Delegate, Assembly District 18

Mike Lee -- California Democratic Party Delegate, Assembly District 18

Nick Resnick -- President, Stonewall Democratic Club

Mara Schechter -- California Democratic Party Delegate, Assembly District 18


Harris supports great transportation, from transit-oriented development to complete and safe streets. We believe her experience with community organizing and service, her commitment to social justice, and her interest in improving Oakland’s relationships with AC Transit and BART will make her a good addition to Oakland’s City Council.”
— Transport Oakland
Pam Harris embodies Oakland’s strength and diversity and is the leader to champion the need of every Oakland resident. Oakland Police Officers are proud to be endorsing Pam Harris for City Council, as she shares the vocation for service of Oakland’s finest.”
— Oakland Police Officers Association

Sierra Club

Transport Oakland (quote above)

Bayard Rustin LGBT Coalition

Black Women Organized for Political Action

Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce

Oakland Police Officers Association (quote above) (sole endorsement)

Evolve California

East Bay Times (#1 Ranking)

Oakland Builders Alliance (#1 Ranking)

Bay Area Reporter (sole endorsement)

Oakland Post (#2 Ranking)

Planned Parenthood Advocates Mar Monte (#2 Ranking)

Block by Block Organizing Network (#3 Ranking)

East Bay Express (#2 Ranking)

East Bay Young Democrats (#2 Ranking)

John George Democratic Club (#2 Ranking)

Alameda County Green Party (#2 Ranking)

Oakland Post (#2 Ranking)

Oakland Chamber of Commerce (#3 Ranking)

Oakland Rising Action (#3 Ranking)

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